GOP-Governed and Right-To-Work States Saved the Economy’s Bacon in 2011 – Blue and union-dominated states were mostly mediocre, or worse.

The government’s State and Local Employment and Unemployment report for December released on Tuesday showed that many red states, including most of the “newly-reds” where Republican governors replaced or succeeded Democrats after the 2010 elections, made meaningful progress in job growth and unemployment rate reduction last year. Many blue states didn’t do nearly as well. 2011 again saw right-to-work states significantly outperform those which are not.

Who besides entrenched public-sector union-beholden tax-and-spend Democrats didn’t see this coming?

The bigger picture is that if it weren’t for the states where Republican governors are applying common sense solutions to fiscal and economic problems, along with most of the states where getting many jobs doesn’t require you to pay union dues, the economic “recovery,” such as it is, would be somewhere between awfully weak to nonexistent. Yet Washington’s
Democrats, led by the president, continue to insist on applying baked-over versions of the policy choices which have left the country as a whole feeling blue during his three years in office.