Holder Lashes Out at Media Over Fast and Furious Over Calls for His Resignation

Attorney General Eric Holder blames the media for Fast and Furious and mounting calls for his resignation. No, he really does.

It seems that every day more on the Hill are calling for Holder to resign. The irony is that Holder’s resignation would do more for Obama’s reelection chances than almost anything else that could happen, apart from the worst economy in decades suddenly growing wings. Hatred for Holder is visceral across the country. He represents the worst and most base aspects of
this administration. So if he goes, and a new, cleaned-up attorney general replaces him, it defuses a powerful weapon the GOP is going to use against Obama in the fall. Yes, Holder is going to be a major issue in the election campaign. Holder stepping down would undo those plans.

If Holder resigns, we will get a shiny new radical in the office, without blemish.